All the grained frames are hand built and hand painted...
False grained frames are a traditional art form that were done about the same time period as theorems 1790 - 1860. Our frames are made from poplar which is the hardest of the soft wood family. Each of our false grained frames are hand built and painted. Nancy has found that by combining the two art forms - theorems and false grained frames - she can offer a truly unique piece of fine art for your home or business.

Poplar Lumber waiting to be ripped into frames Each Theorem Frame is glued and strapped for strength Finished Poplar Frames awaiting the hand graining process Black frame with gilding being applied on the block corners Finished grained frames awaiting the theorem to be mounted

The price of each theorem includes a hand painted frame
by Nancy Rosier.

What Kind of frames are offered???

What Kind of Graining types are offered???

 Horse and Flag Theorem by Nancy Rosier

Black Frames with block corners. Each corner has a bronzed motif stenciled on the block corner.

This theorem is from a private collection

Corncob graining gives the frame a really unique look.

 Butterfly and Rose Theorem by Nancy Rosier

Black graining on blue. This is a flat frame with Swirl graining

Question: How do I change a frame from what is shown on the website?

Answer: Just order the frame online but then call or email Nancy and let here know what frame you would like.

Nancy will then confirm the order change back to you via email.
Bird on the Branch theorem by Nancy Rosier

Brown graining on yellow. This is shown on a flat frame with swirl graining.

Historic Theorem by Nancy Rosier

Brown graining on brown. This done on a flat frame with corncob graining

Squash Theorem which is one of Nancy's own designs

Black graining on green. This frame was done with swirl graining.


Strawberries in a basket

Black graining on red. This frame is done in ray graining.


Typical theorem with the fruit floating in the air

Gold antiqued frame. This frame is the only one we purchase and do not create ourself.


If you want to order a theorem but in a different frame than shown in the gallery there are two ways to do that.

1. Call Nancy at 757-565-1559 and she will walk you through the order process over the phone. The advantage of calling the artist is she can work directly with you over the phone to make sure your frame choice works with the theorem shown in the gallery.

2. Order your theorem online and then email Nancy at
your frame choice or call her at 757-565-1559.