Heart Vine Theorem Painting With Doves

About This Painting
This floral painting by Nancy Rosier is of group of flowers with a stripped yellow background in a false grained frame.

About Theorem Paintings
Theorems are painted on a cotton velveteen with the use of stencils. This form of stencil painting was popular between 1810 and 1860 for young ladies in finishing school. The paint is oil based.

About The Frame
The frame is a grained frame which is also hand painted by Nancy Rosier. Graining involves multiple layers of painting.

Floral Painting by Nancy Rosier




Description: Floral Painting with Yellow Stripped Background
Number: 223
Price:  $79 plus shipping
Size: Glass Size: 5"x7"  Frame Size: 8"x 10
Frame: Poplar
Graining: Red Ray Graining